About BéBé Video Productions



BéBé Video Productions is owned and operated by me, Chris Tanner. I was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and have lived here for 56 years. My training is in electronics and in 1986 I bought my first computer. I had a love of making videos and found computers were the perfect tool for my creativity. I started creating videos for family members for events such as 50th wedding anniversaries and special birthday parties. I found I much preferred doing video work and soon started filming weddings for family members at their request. Gradually, people outside of my family, who had seen my work, started asking me to do their weddings and video projects. BéBé Video Productions was born and I moved full time into creating videos. BéBé Video Productions is the official videographer for Teurlings Catholic High School and also produce videos for Sts. Leo-Seton Catholic School and Episcopal School of Acadiana. We work for other schools as well on an as needed basis. Recently, BéBé Video Productions produced the 80th Anniversary Documentary for St. Genevieve Church in Lafayette. With the growth in business, I have enlisted the services of my wife Marilyn and my four sons to assist me on cameras when needed but I still do all the editing work, graphic design and production of DVDs myself.

We not only do weddings but parties, anniversaries, music recitals, dances, plays, Mardi Gras balls or any other video project you need. We also do commercial work locally for California based PixelFish.

Wouldn't you rather have your video work done by someone who loves what they do?

And video work is not my side job on weekends. It is what I do for a living.



General Information

I will gladly gvie you samples of my work for you to view, if you are not familiar with it. Just come by and pick up a copy.

If you call my cell and get a recording, it is not because your call is not important to me. It is usually because I am on location and I always turn off the phone as to not interfere with my current project. Just leave a message and I'll call back as soon as it is feasible.

To hold a wedding date, a non-refundable deposit and a signed agreement is required at the time of booking.

The balance is due by the day before the wedding.

If you need to cancel, the deposit is non-refundable. However, if we are able to book another wedding on the same date and time that you reserved, after your cancellation, we will gladly refund your deposit for that condition.



Don't let the great moments of your life slip away. Call BéBé Video Productions to preserve your memories!


Chris Tanner, (email) chris@bebevideoproductions.com or (phone) 337.224.2004